jueves, 7 de abril de 2016


Take that trip down memory lane
Where you’re never gonna feel the same
Where you’re never gonna take the blame
Change your name, now you out the game
So you head outside, feel the rain
Something in your brain can't break the chain
Same mistake again, fake the pain again,
Day to day you prowl, wakey wakey now
Holy cow you’re in doubt
You left and now you feel down
Your heart lies back in that town
So creep back in, don’t make a sound
Or lose your crown again, sleep around again
Tell your friends that you're proud
Or ask yourself what you really want from life
Don’t follow that crowd!

I never tried to make you
walk into the deep end
and now I find myself
awake from all the weekend
I never tried to cause
that Sunday morning creep-in
I want to stay
but I must row that boat home

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